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PIBAS Treasury Management System (PTS) is an integrated solution covering several key markets such as Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and their related derivative instruments. This treasury management system provides the organization with a sophisticated, multi-entity, multi-portfolio and multi-dealing room environment, supported by robust risk management along with front, middle and back office management..

PIBAS treasury management solution is capable of integrating real-time input from multiple service providers, for choice of instruments/currencies such as REUTORS and SWIFT.

PTS has complete portfolio analysis with extensive reporting. It produces accurate and timely management reports that provide analysis of earnings, market value, realized and unrealized gains/losses, volatility, total return, and compliance. The client has an option to monitor up-to-the-minute financial statistics of multiple positions .


  • Fully automated operational Middle and Back office
  • Enhances Operational Efficiency
  • Provides  Real Time Exposure Information
  • Real Time Risk Management:
    • Rate tolerance
    • Dealers, Brokers, Counter Party and Currency Limits
    • Inter day Limit
    • Transaction Limit
    • Total Limit
    • Forward Limit
    • Multi Currency

Salient Features:

  • Real Time Front-Office and Back-Office
  • Real Time Risk Management Tools
  • Auto generation of SWIFT messages (MT200, MT202, MT300)
  • SWIFT Interface
  • REUTERS Interface for forward rates
  • Integrated with General Ledger
  • Integrated Settlement Instructions Mechanism
  • Fully integrated with General Ledger System
  • Real time Treasury Position
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Multi Dimension Exposures
  • Security & Audit Trial
  • Portfolio Structure
  • Accounting Interface
  • Limits and Positions
  • Letters and Advices
  • Statements & Reports

Front Office:

PTS Front Office facilitates a dedicated real-time front office for foreign exchange, money market, bonds and other non Government products. It is a best-of-breed solution that offers unparalleled look and feel and functionality. It provides a single unified decision support platform for Treasury to control client investments effectively and efficiently. It provides innovative trading tools for the front office.

Management of all types of deals likes:

  • FX Ready
  • FX Spot/Tom
  • FX Forward
  • FX Forward with branches
  • FX FBP
  • FX Full Take-ups
  • FX Partial Take-ups
  • FX Swap
  • FX Placements
  • FX Acceptances
  • MM Out Right
  • MM Call
  • MM Clean
  • MM Repo
  • MM Reverse Repo
  • MM Placements
  • MM Acceptances
  • Options & Derivatives can also be provided


  • NOSTRO Positions
  • Securities Positions
  • Limit & Exposures
  • MM & FX Blotters
  • Cash Flow
  • Gap
  • Counter Parties Exposures

e-Deal Tickets
Front office facilitates dealers a real-time printable and exportable e-Deal Tickets.

Forward Dated Deals
It provides facility to input deals which are to commence at a future date. All such deals are held within the system and activated on their day of inception.

Deal Maintenance
It provides facility for maintenance of deals entered today or old deals held within the system but not matured.

Back Office:
PIBAS Back-Office provides a paper free back office operation management, from deal confirmation to settlement of accounts and to SWIFT message generation, together with the brokerage bills.

Fully Automated Management of Back-Office Operations:-

  • Real Time Deal Confirmation
  • Real Time SGLA
  • Real Time SWIFT Message to View
  • Real Time SWIFT Compliance File Generation Mechanism (SWIFT Interface)
  • Real Time Transaction Posting in General Ledger Accounting System
  • Real Time Auto IBCA & IBDA Generation Mechanism
  • Daily Accruals and Auto Shadow Postings
  • Daily Mark-to-Mark and Auto Shadow Postings
  • Daily Revaluation and Auto Postings
  • Daily Amortization and Auto Postings
  • Full and Partial Take-ups
  • Coupon Maintenance
  • Daily Income and Expense
  • Accruals
  • Amortization
  • Revaluation
  • Brokerage Setup
  • Brokerage Bills
  • Coupons Maintenance & Postings

Middle Office:
The PTS middle office plays a vital role in monitoring and controlling of daily dealing activities of front office as well as back office by ensuring all aspects of risk management.

Fully Automated Middle-Office Operations:-

  • Rate Tolerance
  • Dealer Limits
  • Counter Limits
  • Broker Limits
  • Multi Currency Limits
  • Transactions Limits
  • Inter-Day Limit
  • Forward Limits

Equity Market Management System

Following features can be provided:

  • Integrated with general ledger
  • Order to confirmation process handling
  • Normal and Spot Trades Handling
  • Offers a flexible commission and fee structure
  • Client/ stock exchange wise Settlement positions
  • Billing Generation
  • Shares in Custody and Shares sent to Transfer
  • Saleable Shares
  • Custody Expenses entry
  • Central Depository data import
  • Reports - Trades (Date wise/ Stock Exchange/ Trader/ Client/ Security/ Settlement/ Trade Type wise/Gross & Net Rates), Buy/Sell Detail & Summary Reports, Confirmations to clients, Holding, Client Ledger, Commission Reports
  • Flexible Transaction wise tariff charges
  • Tariff Quantity/Amount/Rate wise
  • Tariff Slab Structure
  • Fixed and Variable tariff with minimum and maximum limits
  • Reports

Interfaces with External System:

SWIFT Alliance
PTS has interface with SWIFT Alliance for MT202 and MT300. The system generates these messages transparently when the deals get supervised. This interface saves a lot of time of back-office as well as of SWIFT personnel, by avoiding re-input of redundant data in multiple systems.

The daily Mark-to-Mark process is the integral part of PTS that requires forward rates published by Central Bank. To make ease and error free mechanism, PTS provides an interface for REUTERS that picks data from REUTERS and populate it in the internal database without human intervention.

(NOTE: REUTERS Interface required)


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