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PIBAS Loans and Microfinance System (LMF) provides facilities to handle all type of loans including personal, consumer, project/term loans, micro and margin financing, and agricultural loans.

The system is completely parameter driven and fully integrated with core banking modules like collateral management, business relationship, account management, financial transactions and central bank returns.


  • Parameterization gives tremendous flexibility to the user banks to tailor the product according to their requirements
  • Enhances operational efficiency
  • Provides tools to monitor and control risks
  • Improves customer services
  • Enables standardization & reliability of all financial calculations
  • Fully automates all voucher generation at different stages of loans cycle
  • Makes waiver/write-off management very easy
  • Provides tools to monitor performance of:
    • Credit offers
    • Recovery officers
    • Account officers
  • Facilities management of loans through dynamic document generation facility
  • Facilities follow-up on cases in litigation
  • Empowers the user to generate MIS reports through dynamic report generation facility


  • Along with business relationship, collateral management and a/c management, this system could be interfaced with any application system
  • Business relation/ customer centric (borrower and guarantor etc)
  • Multi-currency handling along with revaluation
  • Multi-branch
  • Central bank reporting
  • Fully parameterized products of loan to create different kinds of precuts:
    • Product can be categorized
    • Definition of overall life cycle of loan
    • Caption for interest (i.e. Markup/interest/profit/charges etc)
    • Purpose of loan
      • Project based lending
      • Commodity based lending
      • Multiple commodity based
      • Any other
    • Parameterized reason/purpose financing/ lending (working capital, fixed investment)
    • Amount ranges
    • Period range of loan for e.g. Loan will be of 1 to 10 years
    • Account type linking
    • Currency
    • Repayment parameter
    • Interest/markup parameters
    • Linked to any funding agency credit line (like IMF, ADB, World Bank, etc.)
    • Parameters allowed to be overridden on loan
    • Credit lines permitted/applicable
    • Commodities permitted/applicable
    • Check list of documents required
    • Special instructions for the product
    • Classifications parameters for loans, etc
  • Facilities early termination or partial payment
  • Gives elaborated life cycle of loans, from prospects states
  • Covers all possible activities starting from prospect state (application submitted, sanction and re-sanction agreement, discard, reject, disbursement, repayment, charge posting etc,),
  • Provides facilities for rescheduling and restrictions of loans
  • Facilities credit line management
  • Allows remission schemes management
  • Provides waiver/write-off management
  • Enhances charges management wit concept of charges receivable
  • Provides flexible generation of schedule:
    • Repayment frequency (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, at maturity, staggered)
    • Concept of cushion period
    • Concept of grace period at the start of loan during which no repayment is scheduled
    • Grace period strategy
      • Taking grace period markup within grace period
      • Taking grace period markup at the end of the grace period
      • Proportionate grace period markup in installments
    • Clear month concept
    • Trial schedule can be generated at any state of loan
  • Parameterized document generation
  • Classification and risk management
  • Classification and risk management
    • Classifications of loans, different parameters of classification and parameterized sets to be used for classification
      • Funding agency classification
      • Bank’s own classification
    • Auto suspension of income of classified accounts(loans) in a parameterized manner
    • Detail handling of suspended accounts/loans
    • Linking of collaterals of borrower with the loan
  • A detail status information of loan in a single inquiry to view summary and details  

The system manages the following:

  • Personal loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Project/term loans
  • Micro financing
  • Margin financing
  • Agricultural loans

Flexible and Dynamic Document Generation

  • Letters management
  • Legal notifications
  • Customer statements
  • Bank’s own statements
  • Appraisal reports
  • Agreements
  • Proposal summary
  • Any documents, desired by user bank, using flexible document generator


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