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June 2011
SME bank, Pakistan, an existing client of PIBAS, successfully went live with the latest Release of PIBAS Treasury System (PTS). The new release will allow SME Bank to effectively manage front-office, middle-office and back-office transactions for Forex, Money Market and Equity Operations

June 2011
NIC Bank, Tanzania has successfully deployed PIBAS ATM Host Interface in live environment

May 2011
PIBAS launched its PRisM (PIBAS Risk Management Solution) for banks. PRisM enables banks to effectively manage risk that not only prevents the bank from potential business losses but ensures business continuity as well. This module has the capability to monitor from Macro to Micro levels and fore warns the bank about Risk which may exist within a business area or across business lines. It serves as an effective tool to monitor and report credit, liquidity and market risk so that adequate steps can be taken to prevent/ mitigate risk

April 2011
PIBAS successfully launched PIBAS Document Management System (PDM). PDM allows banks to move to paperless environment. It allows bank to store electronically all the desired documents, in an encrypted format, in the database; these documents could be retrieved and viewed as and when desired, at the click of a button. All the documents are tracked against individual customer ID for quick searching and retrieval. Moreover it allows banks to generate notifications upon triggers such as expiration of certain documents like passport, business registration certificate etc

March 2011
PIBAS launched Workflow/Alert Management System that will enable system to route request for action to bank-defined users and alerts the user through several medium including SMS and email

November 2010
PIBAS launched an API for Global Messaging Service (GMS). This API enables any application of PIBAS Suite to send alerts/messages through SMS or by email

November 2010
PIBAS launched an API for financial transactions to facilitate smooth integration of any third-party software with its core banking system. This move is yet another step towards the commitment of making PIBAS a truly flexible application for our valued-client

November 2010
PIBAS launched web-based MIS System that will enable banks to view MIS reports throughout the bank online through web-interface

October 2010
BSI Qatar deployed the new Balance Sheet reports for Qatar Central Bank along with enhanced version of SMS Banking

September 2010
PIBAS launched Equity Management System as part PIBAS Treasury Solution. This is yet another step towards making PIBAS Treasury System as comprehensive system

August 2010
Central Bank Reports were deployed at Bank Saderat Iran, Oman in live environment. The module is successfully generating all the required reports for Central Bank accurately

June 2010
Generation of consumer reporting on historical data for QCB Part- II was facilitated at Bank Saderat Iran, Qatar. Training sessions on PIBAS Business Relationship Module, Collateral Management System and Loans and Microfinance System, were also conducted to further enhance the user understanding of these systems

April 2010
Habib Overseas Bank, South African deployed our Trade Finance System and MICR interface. The systems are now running live smoothly

April 2010
PIBAS Participated in MEFTEC Bahrain and exhibited its wide range of software products for Banks, DFIs, MFIs and other financial institutions

March 2010
PIBAS developed and tested a real-time/online mobile application to facilitate recovery in remote areas. The application uses a Bluetooth printer to print an instant receipt for payments from customers. The application will enable microfinance banks to extend microfinance facilities at the door steps of borrowers living in rural areas. Moreover it will also enable Agriculture Banks to extend and recover loans to farmers living in the villages

January 2010
Electronic Clearing System (ECA) along with Trade Finance System (TFS) and SMS Banking System were deployed at Bank Saderat Iran, Oman and comprehensive training was provided for the newly deployed modules

December 2009
Generation of consumer reporting on historical data for QCB Part-I was facilitated at Bank Saderat Iran, Qatar

August 2009
PIBAS organized a seminar on banking solution in Nepal in collaboration with its country partner MountDigit, Nepal. The seminar was organized at Himalayan Hotel and all banks were invited

June 2009
Centralized Clearing Interface was successfully deployed at Bank Saderat Iran, Qatar by our Parent Company Pioneers Computer Co. L.L.C.; this system serves as a middleware between PIBAS Core Banking System and Progressoft ACH solution. They also deployed Internet Banking System (IBS) that has been running live smoothly since then

April 2009
PIBAS participated in MEFTEC, Bahrain and exhibited its software products. PIBAS e-nhance suite of Banking Application and its allied product were greatly appreciated by visitors because of their features, quality and reporting capabilities

January 2009
PIBAS has decided to participate in CeBIT 2009; one of the largest industry event to be held in Hannover Germany from March 2nd, 2009

January 2009
PIBAS has decided to participate in MEFTEC 2009 being held in Bahrain on February 10th and 11th 2009

January 2009
PIBAS is participating in European Union’s “Invest Asia” Match Making event in Katmandu, Nepal where more than 100 representatives from various European and South Asian countries will gather for business promotion

January 2009
Habib Overseas has decided to acquire PIBAS SMS Banking

November 2008
PIBAS Participated in MIT Enterprise Forum event held in Karachi jointly organized by MITEF Pakistan and Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN)

November 2008
BSI Oman has chosen PIBAS ATM Interface for extending its ATM services to customers.

November 2008
PIBAS Pakistan has been selected to participate in a Match-Making event in Katmandu, Nepal. The event is being organized by the European Union under its “Asia Invest” initiative. Karachi Chamber of Commerce will lead the delegation of participating ICT companies from Pakistan.

November 2008
With merger of NIB and PICIC, PIBAS is now operational at around 240 branches of NIB in a centralized environment.

September 2008
PIBAS CEO, Mr. Khalique Qadri, has been interviewed by a UK based Corporate Financial System Journal.

August 2008
PIBAS Nostro Reconciliation system is in production at UBL Pakistan.

August 2008
PIBAS has been recognized at ITCN 2008 expo.

August 2008
PIBAS COO, Dr. Mashhood Qazi, was among key speakers at ITCN Conference in Karachi. He talked on how to derive value from IT organizations.

June 2008
PIBAS participated in Sindh IT EXPO organized by the Information Technology Department of Government of Sindh.

June 2008
PIBAS participated in Banking and Financial Technology Expo in Karachi organized by DAWN group.

June 2008
PIBAS COO, Dr. Mashhood Qazi, was among keynote speakers at DAWN Conference. Dr. Qazi presented a paper on “Auto-Reconciliation; An Approach to Maximize Profitability and Productivity”.

June 2008
PIBAS received Achievements Award from Mr. Raza Haroon, Sindh IT Minister during IT Expo in Karachi.

April 2008
PIBAS Shariah suite is live at KASB Mudarabah.

April 2008
PIBAS participated in series of events and meetings in Canada to promotes the brand image of the Pakistan IT Industry. The Pakistani delegation went under auspices of Pakistan Software Export Board.

April 2008
KASB Mudarabah signed PIBAS Shariah for all of its branches.

March 2008
UBL Pakistan has decided to utilize PIBAS Reconciliation System to help reconcile branches all over Pakistan and UAE region.

January 2008
SME Bank Pakistan has decided to go with new version of PIBAS Loan and Microfinance System  


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